The Collective Wellness Institute Leadership

Sh’nai Simmons, PhD, LMHC

Once a troubled kid, it is remarkable to think that a job as a summer camp counselor would be the catalyst for Dr. Simmons’ progressive career as a mental health professional. Dr. Simmons has served as an administrative and clinical leader in various positions for over 15 years acquiring experience with child welfare, individuals with developmental disabilities, severe and persistent mental illness and more. In this capacity, Dr. Simmons has excelled as an innovative trouble-shooter with an ability to process complex situations promptly. She has a knack for empowering mental health professionals by motivating and equipping them to deliver services to very challenging populations with empathy. As a clinician, Dr. Simmons employs a trauma-informed approach while remaining solution-focused so that her clients are properly engaged in their wellness journey. She is trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Child Parent Psychotherapy.

Taiwan Simmons

As a product of a broken home, Taiwan Simmons learned early on in life that family is not always your biological parents. These experiences, which included a near-death event, being in foster care and overcoming self-esteem issues at an early age helped Taiwan develop a passion and heart to connect with diverse populations and become an active part of the solution to the growing need for more caring citizens in the community.

With a special emphasis on young inner-city youth, Taiwan acted on his desires when he agreed to team up with now wife Dr. Sh’nai Simmons to become foster, then adoptive parents. Because he understood the need to go the extra mile, he sought ways to bring more resources into the community.