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Counseling Services

line drawing of one person helping another stand upThe Collective Wellness Institute offers a robust line of services including outpatient counseling for individuals and families, clinical supervision for mental health providers, and enrichment activities for nonprofits and businesses.


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Expanding faster than you can build?

We have short term desk and conference space to match your needs:

  • Conference rooms
  • button that says "Learn More!"Training rooms
  • Shared offices
  • Private offices

Many amenities also included.

Our Main Focus:

One of our main focuses is to give our community the opportunity to experience superior therapeutic mental health services that are affordable. The Collective Wellness Institute provides services for adults, children, individuals and families. We promote awareness and foster enlightening dialogue within the community through open forums, panel discussions, and workshops.

We are committed to offering services that are…

  • Family friendly
  • Conveniently scheduled
  • Financially flexible
  • Culturally sensitive and …
  • Clinically sound

We EQUIP our clients to navigate the challenges they face.
We EMPOWER our peers to deliver service from a place of wellness and balance.
We ENGAGE our community partners and collaborate with them for community wellness.

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Our offices are located in Tampa, Florida


15438 N. Florida Ave.
Suite 106
Tampa, FL 33613

Phone Numbers:

Office: 800-715-3606
Fax: 813-906-0206