About TCWI

Dr. Sh'nai standing with Taiwan Simmons and a class attendee

The Collective Wellness Institute (TCWI), formerly Community Victory Services (CVFS), is the result of hard work, perseverance and faith. Birthed from a desire to serve, Dr. Sh’nai Simmons and Taiwan Simmons began the journey of developing a community-based counseling agency in 2015. Inside Reach LLC would be the foundation of this effort as Dr. Sh’nai and Taiwan strategically conducted business by developing a small client base as well as focused relationships in Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk County. After changing the name of the company to Community Victory Family Services in February 2018, CVFS has managed to provide services to clients throughout the state of Florida.

In May 2018, CVFS partnered with Inside Reach Ministries to launch “Bridge Builders,” a community forum, the first of its kind in Pasco County, to bring awareness to the need for more community supported resources for those with Mental Health needs. Through these efforts and others, CVFS has partnered with several community organizations and has intentionally worked with Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, NAMI Pasco, Pasco Hernando State College, USF, Her Lighthouse, Oasis Pregnancy Center, Humana, and several other organizations.

In January 2021, CVFS expanded its reach and The Collective Wellness Institute (TCWI) was formed. The goal of TCWI is to create a holistic health and wellness experience for it’s clients, employees, and community partners by providing a variety of health and wellness options and partnerships that help others in the health community help those they serve. TCWI provides rental space, a audio/video studio and a calming relaxing atmosphere for all who enter and we look forward to continuing to expand this concept into other locations in the near future.