Professional Picture

Chanda Petin

Graduate Student Intern

Chanda’s interest in psychology developed in childhood as she struggled to process her emotions. Lacking the vocabulary to communicate how she felt, Chanda understands the importance of being able to identify emotions in order to process them. Chanda is dedicated to change how people process emotions by helping them develop the tools to express their emotions as they experience them.

Chanda believes every person has the capacity for growth and change. Chanda’s strives to understand your experience, support your journey, and create a safe space for healing and growth. With Chanda, you are a partner in your self-care, and you will uncover what works well for you. As a result, you will experience a life of well-being, satisfaction, that has more meaning to you.

As a skilled professional, Chanda is dedicated to building collaborative therapeutic relationships with her clients while integrating clinical knowledge with compassion, encouragement, understanding, and laughter. Chanda focuses on those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, insecurity, and in need of help with managing relationship.

When she is not working, Chanda enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and reading. Chanda Petin is a graduate student from Capella University working on her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. Call 800-715-3606 ext. 104 or 111 to set up an appointment.